Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical Injection Systems supplied are independent of pump manufacturers therefore Siva & Associates Inc.  is able to integrate any preferred pump supplier into the overall integrated system. Siva & Associates Inc.  has worked closely with our Supply Chain to ensure that components proposed have been specifically designed and tested to meet the exacting standards our customers require for a reliable and efficient system.

Systems supplied by Siva & Associates Inc.  are suitable to the Petrochemical and Process industries. Siva & Associates Inc. has designed and manufactured systems for a number of chemical injection applications such as,

  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Demulsifiers
  • Glycol
  • Wax Inhibitors
  • MEG Injection

Chemical Injection Pump Systems

Pump systems can be single injection outputs or multiple outlets

including multi-chemical systems. We provide a complete system

design and fabrication service and typically each system will contain:

Chemical Dosing/Injection Pump, typically designed with a double diaphragm for increased reliability and safety. Siva & Associates Inc. is fully independent from any Chemical Injection Pump suppliers and therefore are able to integrate the most suitable pump for the application.

  • Chemical Storage Tanks, fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel or similar, designed in accordance with client requirements and/or internal design calculations.
  • Pulsation Dampening
  • Injection Rate Control Devices (IRCD’s)
  • Injection Rate/Flow Meter
  • Isolation Valves, either remote or local
  • Pressure Monitoring Instrumentation, either remote or local
  • Safety Devices to protect against over pressurization


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Wellhead Control Panel

Wellhead Control Panel is a combination of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and/or PLC based logic for either Single well or Multiple well control for both onshore and offshore applications.Siva & Associates Inc. can supply Wellhead Control   panels with various control options ranging from simple Pneumatic based control to completely automated solution with RTU PLC based (SIL2 or SIL3 rated) Safety Instrumented systems which can be monitored & operated from DCS remote locations.Wellhead Control Panels along with Hydraulic Power Units, accumulators and Remote Terminal Units are all Engineered, Manufactured and Tested to meet stringent customer requirements & delivered as a single unit to worldwide customer sites.All electrical and electronic controls are designed to meet Explosion proof, Flame proof or intrinsically safe hazardous area requirements as per international standards like FM, CSA BASEFFA etc., All instruments are certified by International authorities such as ATEX Directive, CENELEC, BASEEFA, U.L, C.S.A., and various

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System Integration

Our team is fully conversant in the design and configuration of Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Novell and NT servers, Enterprise System Integration such as to LIMS, Works Maintenance System, Power Monitoring System, MRP 2, Oracle Database, Internet solution with Web servers etc. PLC and SCADA system design and implementation.

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Hydraulic Catheads

This useful rig floor equipment provides smooth, adjustable make-up loads, due to its hydraulic operation,the bentec hydraulic cathead eliminates electrical hazards.The system can be powered by an independent hydraulic power unit or integrated into a centralized hydraulic power unit.Suitable for artic and desert environment.

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Deadline Anchors

Designed for accuracy and reliability and tested to 150% of working capacity, a complete range of deadline anchors from mast mounted to floor mounted. Sizes range from 100 KIPS to 200 KIPS. All deadline anchors are fabricated from high quality steel to meet the demands of today drilling activities and can be fitted with a load sensor constructed with top-quality steel.

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Air Winches

The Ingersoll Rand line of air winches incorporates the best ideas and innovations of Beebe International, Samiia of France and the original Ingersoll Rand line of products.The combined experience of these companies adds up to over 200 years of solving the most challenging lifting, pulling and positioning applications in the world’s toughest industries.

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Standpipe Assemblies

Double outlet permanent standpipe in tamperproof stainless steel enclosure, with two spherical type angled valves.Designed for installation in soft ground. Both hinged lids can be secured with a padlock, to prevent misuse or tampering.The STPG2 is designed for multiple use such as two hose pipes at allotments.The supply pipe should be laid 750mm below ground.

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Casing Stabbing Boards

A readily movable platform used in the derrick or on a mast which workmen stand on to perform work of a temporary nature and not normally performed from a fixed inside derrick platform or monkey board, or a fixed working platform on a mast.A platform in the derrick on which personnel work while casing is being run to aid in guiding a tubular joint into another tubular joint for makeup.

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Fully customizable and allows for the size of the board to be adapted to the available space. Based on the selected combination of rows for drill pipes, casing and drill collars tubulars virtually any setback capacity is attainable – given enough space.The Bridge Racker is mounted in the derrick on two runway beams above the Fingerboards.The main bridge, spanning the derrick.

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Bridge Crane

A comprehensive range of vertical pipe handling equipment can be delivered as complete systems or individual.Typical fingerboard capacity is up to 550 stands of drill pipe and 14 stands of drill collar.The MH 2-arm system is a derrick mounted pipe handling system.Typical racking board capacity of the 2-arm system is up to 420 stands.

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