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    The analog devices development team targeted the instrumentation amplifier for high-temperature operation from its inception and designed to meet...

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  • 2speed-gear-box

    Auto Drillers

    Automatic Drillers control drill line payout to increase weight on bit, bit torque or rate of penetration to a target value. Payout is regulated...

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    Driller Console

    The Driller’s Console forms the interface between the operator and Drilling Equipment control/status I/O of the PLC system. The Driller’s...

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  • Chart Recorder

    Drilling Recorders

    A robust system of computers and sensors networked around a rig, the Pason Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) provides drilling data to personnel...

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    Local Equipment Rooms

    Switch room and electrical systems for one of their leading clients’ Angolan operations, a major operator in the oil and gas industry. In...

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    Mud Handling Systems

    Necessary on rigs is timely and accurate mud information. NOV M/D Totco’s Mud Monitoring Systems provide that timely and accurate...

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    Operator Cabins

    The MH assistant driller’s cabin is normally used as the secondary operating position for the pipe handling in the upper part of the derrick. It...

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  • data-center-management

    Remote Data

    Remote drilling services allow operators to make accurate and timely decisions within a collaborative environment. These remote drilling services...

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