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    Project Managers

    The Project Manager is responsible for the successful execution of the Project by providing guidance and support to all aspects of project execution. The Project manager will...

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    Remote Data

    Remote drilling services allow operators to make accurate and timely decisions within a collaborative environment. These remote drilling services...

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  • Rotary_Tables


    A rotary table is a mechanical device on a drilling rig that provides clockwise (as viewed from above) rotational force to the drill string to...

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  • SCR

    SCR Systems

    SCR drives used on drilling rigs have not taken advantage of the technological developments that have produced VFDs, AutoDrillers, and other...

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    The submersible drilling platform is supported on large pontoon-like structures. These pontoons provide buoyancy allowing the unit to be towed...

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    Shale Shaker is used in the first phase of drilling purification in petroleum Exploration and Exploitation. Both linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical motion shale...

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    Spud cans

    Usually used on independent-legged jackups,spud cans are cylindrically shaped steel shoes with pointed ends, similar to a cleat. Spud cans are...

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    Standpipe Assemblies

    Double outlet permanent standpipe in tamperproof stainless steel enclosure, with two spherical type angled valves.Designed for installation in...

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    Substructures, rotary drives, top drives, pipe-handling equipment and skidding systems are available to suit any drilling or work-over needs Rig...

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  • Switchgear


    Switchgear drive systems and switchgear serve as the “brain” controlling land-based and offshore drilling rig operations, power generation and...

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