Product Line

Complete Rig Packages

Jackups, Semi-submersibles, Drill-ships, Deep Land Rigs, Mobile Rigs.

Rig Equipment

Complete Drilling Rig Packages and spare parts, blowout preventers and control systems; mud pumps and parts; block hooks and swivels; drill pipe; drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe, and stabilizers; handling tools and parts, rig instrumentation; SCR systems and parts; mud agitators, desanders, desilters, shale shakers, degassers, and parts; rig lighting and electrical, Kelly cocks, Kelly valves, inside bops, rig safety systems; rotary hoses, vibratory hoses, choke, and kill hoses; fishing tools; brakes and parts; swivels and hammer unions; top drives; and rig tools and expendables.

Production Equipment

Nitrogen Units, Coiled tubing Units, Cementing Units, Wireline Tools, Well Testing Packages, Separators, Complete liquid Nitrogen Generating Plants, Sand Filters, etc. Onshore and offshore.

Manufacturer can provide:
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