Chemical Injection Skid

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Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical Injection Systems supplied are independent of pump manufacturers therefore Siva & Associates Inc.  is able to integrate any preferred pump supplier into the overall integrated system. Siva & Associates Inc.  has worked closely with our Supply Chain to ensure that components proposed have been specifically designed and tested to meet the exacting standards our customers require for a reliable and efficient system.

Systems supplied by Siva & Associates Inc.  are suitable to the Petrochemical and Process industries. Siva & Associates Inc. has designed and manufactured systems for a number of chemical injection applications such as,

  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Demulsifiers
  • Glycol
  • Wax Inhibitors
  • MEG Injection

Chemical Injection Pump Systems

Pump systems can be single injection outputs or multiple outlets

including multi-chemical systems. We provide a complete system

design and fabrication service and typically each system will contain:

Chemical Dosing/Injection Pump, typically designed with a double diaphragm for increased reliability and safety. Siva & Associates Inc. is fully independent from any Chemical Injection Pump suppliers and therefore are able to integrate the most suitable pump for the application.

  • Chemical Storage Tanks, fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel or similar, designed in accordance with client requirements and/or internal design calculations.
  • Pulsation Dampening
  • Injection Rate Control Devices (IRCD’s)
  • Injection Rate/Flow Meter
  • Isolation Valves, either remote or local
  • Pressure Monitoring Instrumentation, either remote or local
  • Safety Devices to protect against over pressurization


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