Repair Services

Getting the Competitive Edge

In today's high-pressured competitive world there is no downtime. No room for error. Every second counts. Because every second your equipment isn't running, you're running behind the competition. That's why you need the Uptime Edge of Siva & Associates Inc. Our aggressive commitment and unsurpassed expertise is what has made us a leading force in the industrial and process component repair field.

The Edge of the Industry's Most Complete Repair Service

As part of our philosophy of quality testing, we scrutinize every component we repair under challenging uptime conditions that duplicate your factory floor. Plus, our strategic alliances with the leaders in other industrial repair specialties gives you one-vendor service and convenience for all your repairs.

Downtime can be Devastating to a Company and its Profits

With downtime costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per minute in many industries, it does not take long to lose profits and customers when you experience an unscheduled shutdown due to an electric motor failure. That's why at Siva & Associates Inc. we recognize the value of quality electric motor rebuild services and how our complete motor testing can help reduce your unscheduled downtime.

Siva & Associates Inc. Feedback Devices Lab

Encoders, transducers, and other feedback devices for robotic and CNC systems are tested and repaired in their own specialized shop. We use a graduated linear slide system to test for repeatability and an oscilloscope for calibration and verification of count accuracy. In addition, feedback devices can be performance tested in our fully equipped robotics and CNS labs.

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Siva & Associates Inc. Drives Lab

AC\DC frequency drives and servo drives with feedback are repaired and tested under load. We don\'t just run the drives, we have designed a special dynamometer to work the two drives against each other. The dynamic load allows us to adjust performance ratings to exactly the right levels.

If you do not see the manufacturer you are looking for, please e-mail or call us as we are updating this list regularly.

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